1Niro NiroTrade Review

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By Richard Naxon

1Niro Trading Brokers

1Niro (formerly knows as NiroTrade) is an offshore CFD broker, that started in April of 2021. They have various different names they go by on different websites. As of June 2022, their website no longer works.

Owned and operated by Xvector LTD, they are located at Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Kingstown, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Contact phone number is in Switzerland: +41615083130, and their email address is: [email protected]. Official Website is at: https://www.1Niro.com/.

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1Niro Broker Reviews

Our review of this new broker called 1Niro shows, that they offer Forex and Crypto CFD trading, on the simple TraderSoft platform. In order to see their web-based trading platform, navigate to: https://trade.1niro.com/trade. The trading platform has Trading View charting on it. Professional traders will not find the usual MT4 or MT5 (Meta Trader) trading software, which they are accustom to using. There is no ability to use an Expert Advisor addon.

You can will find listed for trading over 300 underlying assets in the categories of; Forex Pairs, Exotic Currencies, Crypto, Stocks, and Market Indexes. When trading contracts for difference, you are investing with leverage as high as 400:1 depending on the asset. The appeal of using margin is, that you can make large profits quickly, but at the same time the risk is much greater.

All brokers offer you a choice of account types, and at 1Niro it seems all accounts are the same. The minimum deposit requirement for a new account is $250.

1Niro Trade Review

Is 1Niro a Legit Broker?

No, 1Niro is not a licensed or regulated broker. The FCA in United Kingdom warned investors on June 15th 2021, that this broker is not authorised to provide services in the U.K., read more.

How do you verify that your broker is legitimate, and not another just another investing scam? You must check with your country’s financial regulatory agency, that the broker has a license. Day traders should only invest with a local broker, that is regulated by their country’s regulatory agency.

All online brokers, whether they are offering Crypto or Forex CFD’s, are required by law to have a license. If your broker is not licensed, then they are an illegal scam. Always confirm that your broker is 100% authorized by the financial regulator.

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1Niro does not offer their clients copy trading or automated trading.