Dubai Lifestyle Trading App – Good or Bad?

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By Richard Naxon

Dubai Lifestyle App is a Scam

Dubai Lifestyle App was one of the biggest binary options scams back in 2016. When they software was released on July 6th 2016, we didn’t think anyone could actually fall for such a poorly designed software, but we were wrong.

Apparently there are enough newbie uneducated people who don’t know the truth about real binary options trading.

Dubai Lifestyle Review

The way a software like Dubai Lifestyle App works is simply a numbers game. They firmly believe that if you send spam emails to millions of people, there are enough suckers who will try it out and quickly lose their $250.

As P.T. Barnum once said;

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

You can see at the investors forum the problems naive investors are having trying to get their cashback, from fake binary options brokers.

Dubai Lifestyle App Scam

The biggest problem you will never hear about with a software like the Dubai Lifestyle App, is that they only use offshore, unlicensed, shady brokers that do not allow automated trading robots. You would never know this, because you didn’t read the brokers terms and conditions page.

So even if this trading system by a fluke chance makes a profit in your account, you will not be able to withdraw the money. Other fake brokers will put terms on the money that it must sit at the broker for 6 months. Most unlicensed brokers go out of business withing 3 months, taking your money with them.

Don’t Believe What They Say!


More than 50,000 people have already signed up for the product, and thousands of people have already lost their money to it.

Wake Up & Do Your Research

Before using any binary options software or binary options broker, you should read the reviews on They are the only broker reviews website with accurate information.

Another thing to do is ask 3 friends to look into for you, and see what they say.

Fact: 90% of people lost their money trading binary options, only because they used a fake broker. People who use a real broker will be able to withdraw their profits.

Real Forex Brokers

The majority of brokers you find online do not have a license and are basically a scam broker. Look here to see the updated list of popular licensed brokers.

Only 15 or 20 companies worldwide are licensed and regulated as a binary options broker. They are scattered around in countries like; Australia, the United States of America, Singapore, Cyprus, and South Africa.

Authentic Algorithm Trading Signals

The real high-speed trading robots for Forex and Crypto have many customization features. These robots will allow you to choose your own broker, select which assets the software trades, employ multiple technical indicator trade strategies, and have a daily stop loss or take profit settings.

Dubai Lifestyle App
Dubai Lifestyle App