ForTrade Review

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By Richard Naxon

ForTrade is a fast growing online broker that many investors are now trading with. One of the many reasons day traders are using this broker, is because they have maintained a stellar reputation in the Forex trading industry.

ForTrade Review

ForTrade Broker Review

ForTrade is an exceptional online broker that has earned an outstanding reputation in the Forex industry. With their diverse range of trading options, including Forex, Commodity, Index, and Crypto CFD trading, accessed through their standard MT4 trading platform or their user-friendly mobile app, ForTrader, they are a top choice for investors.

New investors that are looking for a user friendly platform will absolutely love the ForTrader app. Unlike MT4 or MT5 which are very cumbersome and boring, ForTrader is modern and sleek, readily available on iPhone and iPads.

ForTrade offers investors the ability to trade hundreds of underlying assets, including Major Forex Pairs, Minor Currencies, Crypto, Commodity, Stocks, Gold, Silver and Market Indexes, with up to 30:1 leverage in Forex. With the potential for substantial profits, investors should be aware that it also carries greater risk.

Many new investors begin their trading career with the brokers at ForTrade, because of their free demo account and easy to use trading platform, signup here.

Is Fortrade legitimate?

Yes, a legitimate broker is one that is licensed and regulated by the government. ForTrade has a brokers license from ASIC Australia, IIROC Canada, FCA United Kingdom and CySEC Cyprus.

What is the minimum deposit for Fortrade?

The minimum deposit for a new trading accout at ForTrade is only $100.

How do I trade on Fortrade?

Trading on ForTrade is accomplished via their proprietary CFD trading platforms. Their trading apps are available for all devices including desktop, tablet, mobile iOS and Android. Additionally you can utilize the MT4 trading platform available on their website.

Is Fortrade free?

Yes, anyone can open a free demo trading account, and play around.

How do I withdraw money from my Fortrade account?

As with all Forex CFD brokers, withdrawals are processed manually within 48 hours of the withdrawal request. It is important that your account is verified so that you will not experience delays.

What kind of broker is Fortrade?

ForTrade is an international CFD broker. CFD is an acronym for Contract for Difference.

Beware of Bad Trading Apps

Thousands of newbie investors got scammed by a trading robot they found on a Fake News website. You can read about the complaints in the investors’ forum.

ForTrade does not offer their clients any automated trading software! An automated trading app is also known as an Expert Advisor, which is commonly used by professional traders on MetaTrader4.

If you are interested in using a trading algorithm robot, setup your account here.

Is ForTrade a Regulated Broker?

ForTrade has multiple licenses from regulators around the world, see screenshot below.

How can an investor verify that their online broker is legitimate, and not an investing scam? You must check with your local financial regulator to confirm that your broker is licensed. Investors should only invest with a local broker, that is regulated by their country’s regulatory agency.

All online brokers, whether they are offering Crypto or Forex CFDs, are required by law to have a license. If your broker is not licensed, then they are an illegal scam. Always confirm that your broker is 100% authorized by the financial regulator.

Contact Details

Owned and operated by Fortrade Ltd, they are located at: Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London. SW3 6RD United Kingdom