How To Make 1000% Profit Trading Forex In Under Two Days

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By Richard Naxon

Is it possible to make 1,000% profit trading forex in under two days?

Many will say, it is impossible. Or you need to take a lot of risk to do that.

Well, I was browsing through forexfactory  in October 13th 2017 and came across a trader who made more than 1000% profit within two days.

No, it is  not a joke and no, it is not on a demo trading account.

This was from a live trading account.

So you can imagine, I was intrigued and wanted to see how he did it and here’s what I found out:

  • when he started, his trading account balance was around $4,000.
  • when he closed all his trades, his account balance was sitting at $53,000
  • so he made a whooping $49,000 profit within two days.
  • it took a total of 36 trades to get from $4,000 to $53,000.
  • He initially was trading with mini/micro lots with sizes of of 0.01, 0.1 etc for some time prior to suddenly changing his mind to start trading with larger contract sizes.
  • he started trading 5 standard contracts/lots  trades in the beginning and started increased it to 10 and 25 standard lots as his profits from his previous trades accumulated allowing him more margin to open up more trades. You can say he was “pyramiding”
  • Here’s the interesting part, in those 36 trades, he only suffered 5 trading losses and his maximum loss was $135.42 which happened from a 5 standard lot trade.
  • He even suffered a loss on a 25 contracts trade but his loss was only $102.60
  • His shortest trade was 11 minutes.
  • His longest trade was 47 hours with a profit of $5,151.70
  • All his trades were on EURUSD currency pair only.


The screen shot below shows the first time I saw it:

  • You can see his profits  was sitting at $31,281 and he still had open trades running.


Then this was the screenshot when this trader closed all his trades:


How To Turn $5000 to $50,000 In 2 Days Trading Forex

So how did this trader do it?

  • Well, one thing the I particularly liked was his risk management. Even though he was trading very large contracts in relation to his trading account size but when he lost,  he was jut losing a very tiny amount. That it itself was very impressive.
  • the next thing to note was that fact that he left his trades to “run”. He had 12 trades run for more than 10 hours before closing them. This was  major factor in increasing his trading account size faster.
  • then next thing this trader did was the fact that he got the trend right: during that 2 days of trading, EURUSD was in a strong uptrend. So if you bought on any temporary retracements, you would have made money regardless as long as you got the placement of your stop loss right.
  • so what type of forex trading system did he use? Well, that one is hard to tel but I’m guessing he must have a trend trading system that buys on retracements in an uptrend and sells on rallies in a downtrend. That is the only way you can have a tight stop loss and realy make a lot of money like this trader did in just two days.
  • the power of pyramiding: this is the real secret to this trader’s amazing trading results.  When his prior trades started making profit, he started adding more trades and increasing his contract sizes also.


So Can You Do it?

That’s a hard question to answer.

You know yourself better.

From what I can tell, this guy is an aggressive trader with an ability to really manage his risk well even with the larger size contracts he was trading.

I tend to be also aggressive when I see a great opportunity.

But really, this forex trader really had a good run. My hats off to him.