Crypto Future Trading App Review

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By Richard Naxon

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Crypto Future is a new Crypto trading app, that we first saw in February of 2020. We did a quick search online, and could not find any information about it, so we dug further. Their website is very sleek, and it has a modern design with bright flashy colors.

However, there is something hidden that you didn’t realize, and this will cost you a lot of money, so read on…

Is Crypto Future a Scam?

The problem new investors fail to realize when considering investing with the CryptoFuture trading system, is that the broker they are promoting is not licensed or regulated by the FCA. Did you read a review of them to know if they are a real Crypto CFD broker?

Many scam brokers do not allow you to use an Expert Advisor plugin, even though trading software products like “Crypto Future” connect you with them. This comes as a shock to many people because who actually reads the terms and conditions page at a broker, except a journalist like myself, who writes the software reviews.

Don’t Believe What They Say!

Crypto Future members typically profit a minimum of $1,300 daily.

The big red thing across the top of their website says “WARNING: Due to extremely high media demand, we will close registration as of 4/2/2020 – HURRY!”. So we can back the next day and it still lets us sign up for an account. That is called fake advertising!

The truth is, that about 2 million people received the same email you did, and at least 10% of them probably signed up for the trading app. How many will lose money? Probably 99%.

Official CryptoFuture Trading App
Official CryptoFuture Trading App

Official Crypto Future Review

How is a crypto trading app like Crypto Future supposed to make you money? They should have an algorithm that takes technical analysis trading signals and converts those into CFD trades.

A few questions to ask yourself before using a trading app.

  • What is the algorithm based on?
  • Can you reverse trade bad signals?
  • Can you control which assets it trades on?
  • Who is placing the trades?

If you are looking for software that does all that, then try out the various social trading apps available at Pepperstone.

So why do people use Crypto Future? Because they know that if you email millions of people, enough clueless people will gamble $250 after watching hours of pitch videos. As the famous P.T. Barnum once said;

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

You can see at the traders and investors forum the problems new crypto investors are having trying to get their money back from fake crypto brokers.

Be Smart… Use a Real Broker

Before using any Forex or Crypto trading app or broker, you should read the reviews on They are the only broker reviews website with updated, and accurate information.

Fact: 90% of people lost their money trading Forex or Crypto, even more so, when using an unregulated exchange. 90% of trading brokers you find online do not have a license and are actually scam brokers. Only the best companies worldwide are licensed and regulated to be Forex / Crypto brokers. There are a couple in each country.

For Example:

Real Crypto Trading Apps

The real high-speed trading bots for crypto have many customization features. These robots will allow you to choose your own broker, select which assets the software trades, employ multiple technical indicator trade strategies, and have a daily stop loss or take profit settings.