What A Stupid Forex Trader Looks Like In 3 Pictures

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By Richard Naxon

You think you are not stupid, well, you are stupid and I’m also stupid… That’s not an opinion…that’s a FACT!

And we are all really good at being stupid. The funny thing is: we do it by choice. That is some serious accusation to make, right?

Let me explain…

Drunk And Stupid

There’s a difference between getting drunk and acting stupid, versus forex trading and acting stupid.

The difference is this: if you are drunk, you tend lose your mind but with forex trading, this property is still intact 100% with full functionality.

I thought I’d write this just so that I can rant a little bit about my own life trying to succeed in forex trading and maybe even laugh about what I’m going to write here.

I drink. Occasionally. Once or twice I’ve made a fool of myself…putting my head on the toilet seat and sleeping there on a cold winter night was one…but that’s ok… You just don’t want to know the rest.

My daughter thinks I’m really smart and so my does my wife. So guess what they do?

Every time they don’t have an answer for a particular question that’s bugging their mind, they come to Mr. Google… Yeah… that’s me I’m talking about.

Talk about Wikipedia and Google At their fingertips and yet… That’s another level of stupidity…

Now I may be smart on some things but one thing that I’m dumb as a donkey’s arse is in trading the forex market.

I’ve made a lot of money trading forex and I’ve lost it all and blown how many forex trading accounts and yet I keep coming back and doing the same old mistakes.

Common sense… Is there such a thing in forex trading?

You would think, I should know better. As a matter of fact….I do know better.

But here’s the problem: that is just in the knowledge only. The actual practice, the act of putting these righful knowledge/information into action does not really happen.

And what is the result? I go through these boom and bust cycles. That is what happens.

What’s the definition of that? Stupidity.

And this is what a stupid forex trader looks like in 3 pictures…

I don’t know about you, but that’s me…

No, I’m not that rooster above but you get the point, don’t you?