Lexington Code Trading App – Good or Bad?

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By Richard Naxon

Lexington Code

Lexington Code is an old trading robot, that was released to the public in December 2017 with great fanfare. The binary options trading software is sleek, and it has a very modern design with bright flashy colors.

However, there is something that you don’t know and it can cost you a lot of money, so read on…

Lexington Code Binary Options Robot
Lexington Code Binary Options Robot

Lexington Code Scam

The problem everyone fails to mention when they talk about the Lexington Code is that the broker they are promoting is TradeXtra, which is an offshore, unlicensed broker. Did you read a review of them to know if they are a real binary options broker?

Many scam brokers do not allow you to use a binary options robot, even though trading software products like Lexington connect you with them. This comes as a shock to many people because who actually reads the terms and conditions page at a broker, except a guy like me who writes the review.

Don’t Believe What They Say!


The countdown on their website said that there are only 14 Member Spots remaining, so we refreshed the page and it changed to 22. Isn’t that funny! The truth is that 3 million people received the same email that you did, and probably 25,000 people already signed up to use the software, and hundreds have already lost their money.

Lexington Code Review

How is a binary option robot like Lexington Code supposed to make money for you? They have an algorithm that takes Forex trading signals and converts those into binary options trades. What is the algorithm based on? Can you reverse trade bad signals? Can you control which assets it trades on? Not with a simple product like Lexington Code.

For that you need a real automated trading robot, see here.

So why do people use Lexington Code? Because they know that if you email millions of people, enough clueless people will gamble $250 after watching hours of pitch videos.

Like the famous P.T. Barnum once said;

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

You can see at the traders and investors forum the problems naive investors are having trying to get their cashback, from fake binary options brokers.

Be Smart… Research Your Broker

Before using any binary options software or binary options broker, you should read the reviews on ScamBroker.com. They are the only binary option reviews website with updated accurate information.

Fact: 90% of people lost their money trading binary options, only because they used a bad binary options broker.

Most binary options brokers you find online do not have a license and are actually scam brokers. Only 15 companies worldwide are licensed and regulated to be binary options brokers. There are a couple in each country.

Real Trading Software

The real high-speed trading robots for binary options have many customization features. These robots will allow you to choose your own broker, select which assets the software trades, employ multiple technical indicator trade strategies, and have a daily stop loss or take profit settings.

More than 100 fake trading robots are available for binary options today.