Maximus Edge Trading App Review

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By Richard Naxon

Maximus Edge

Maximus Edge is the newest Crypto Binary Options trading software that we have seen before, but going by different names. It has only one purpose, and that is to connect you with an unlicensed,  offshore, scam Forex broker. The software was released to the public on August 31st, 2017.

ALERT: Sensible people will tell you that you will not profit any money using the Maximus Edge software.

If you actually get lucky, then your “broker” will close your trading account as it has violated their terms and conditions.

The Maximus Edge Autobot

This cryptocurrency, binary options “funnel” works like many others. It starts by showing you a rags-to-riches story about a guy selling mattresses, and then he starts using this trading app and becomes an overnight millionaire.

When we started trading, we managed to make a $100 profit on a $500 deposit, and it took many hours of work. We didn’t try using a trading robot, instead we used a legitimate broker that has a valid license. (Go Look At CMTrading in South Africa)

A big mistake was that Maximus Edge decided to work with these offshore, unlicensed, scam brokers who trick you, by banning the use of automated trading systems in their terms and conditions pages. This means, that even if the robot software gets lucky and makes money, you cannot withdraw that money and you lose!

You should read in the investors forum about the problems people are having trying to get their money back from online fraud brokers.

Maximus Edge Software Scam
Maximus Edge Software Scam

Maximus Edge Software

First put a post on Facebook to ask your friends if they are using Maximus Edge, and if they think it is good. Share this article on Facebook and see what your friends have to say. (Their responses will shock you!)

Do Now Believe what they wrote on their site!

“you will be able to activate the software, and start seeing your profits grow.”

The real results are much different than what he is promising you.

One person sent us an email saying that he lost on 90% of the trades that the system placed for him. Another naïve investor told us that he invested $5,000 with an offshore broker and wants to know how he can get his money back.

So before you decide to donate your money to an online fraud, do your research and compare the various legitimate auto trading systems.

The vast majority of brokers that you find online for trading binary options, do not have a license, and are simply fake fraud brokers. You should look here to see the new list of the most popular licensed and regulated brokers.

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