FX Sniper Trading App – Good or Bad?

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By Richard Naxon


FX Sniper Software is a Waste of Time

Scams are so prevalent in the online Forex trading world, that it is difficult to keep up with every new software that is created.Today we are focusing on the email we received from a company that goes by the name FXSniper. Simply put, this product is a video were they make all sorts of promises trying to convince us that we can make $2,000 by using their software.

So we opened a test account with FXSniper to analyze and review their software, but there is no software there!

They created an account for us at the CFD broker called ITRADER. Last time we checked, ITRADER does not allow the use of automated trading software. They happen to be a Cyprus licensed forex broker, which is good, but for automated investing, they are not the solution.

Which broker did FXSniper connect you with? Probably an unlicensed offshore scam broker!

FX Sniper Software Trading Forex Scams
FX Sniper Software Trading Forex Scams

You Can Not Believe What They Write!


The big bold letters on their website said, Only 10 Spaces Available, so we refreshed the page and it changed to 17. The truth is, millions of people received the same email that you did, and probably 10,000 people already signed up to use the software, and anyone who actually deposited money, probably lost it already.

FX Sniper Review

The way we know that FX Sniper is a scam and not a legitimate trading system is because their home page is showing fake results for binary options trading. Yes, that is correct, they are showing binary options trading with PUT’s and CALL’s instead of a real Forex trading software which would measure such is pips.

If you are looking for a real automated trading solution from a legitimate Forex broker, go read about Invest.com.

FXSniper Fake Trading Software
FXSniper Fake Trading Software

Why do people believe the man in the video who says that FX Sniper is the greatest trading app available?

Just to fulfill the words of the famous circus investor P.T. Barnum who said;

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Real Forex Brokers for CFD Trading

More and more companies are opening up fake Forex trading websites. After the crash of the binary options scams at the beginning of 2017, many of those same fraudsters decided to move their con over to Forex. Many of you have received phone calls from “brokers” offering to manage your investments, and they even make ridiculous promises of extraordinary results.

Only use a Legal Forex Broker!